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(Q) What is the best time to visit Honey Valley?

(A) Anytime before or after monsoon is considered season here. The post-monsoon months are extremely rewarding for birdwatchers as the birds return to their usual perches. In Honey Valley itself, sightings of over 50 varieties of birds have been as yet cataloged. Monsoon is from June to Mid September and many visitors come here simply to experience the unique phenomenon of the monsoons in the Western Ghats.

(Q) How do I get to Honey Valley?

(A) From Bangalore, you can travel to Mysore-Hunsur-Thithimathi-Gonikoppal-Virajpet. From Virajpet, travel on the Madikeri-Murnad road for approximately 4kms to Kadanur. As you reach Kadanur, you will go over a small culvert. A few hundred feet away, you will see a fork in the road. Take the left fork and travel for 19kms to reach Kabbinakad junction, the pickup point for Honey Valley. In Kabbinakad, you will see a fairly large light green signboard that says ‘Tamara Coorg’ with an arrow to the left that says ‘4kms.’ On your left will be a small tea shop called ‘Friends.’

The Kabbinakad to Honey Valley route is 3kms of mountain terrain with steep inclines and no proper roads in most places. If you need our 4×4 jeep transportation, call us when crossing Virajpet (Pick up and drop are chargeable.)

If you are traveling by bus from Bangalore, there are plenty of them both to Virajpet and Madikeri. Check online on www.ksrtc.in for details

If you require further assistance with directions, please mail us at honeyvalley_2000@yahoo.com or call us on 81974 44939/ (08272) 238 339 / 238 888. We’d be happy to help.

(Q) Can I bring my vehicle to Honey Valley?

(A) We are located at a height of 4,250 ft on a mountaintop. We are 3.5 Km up and above the main road. The only way to reach us is either by foot or in a 4×4 jeep. If the bags are not heavy it is lovely to walk uphill which takes 45 mins. The other option is to ask for the jeep which costs Rs 200/- per trip per jeep.

(Q) Does Honey Valley conduct coffee plantation tours?

(A) No. However, there are paths made that offer easy access to the plantation.

(Q) Will there be water in the Waterfall when I get there?

(A) Waterfall in our estate is a natural waterfall hence the monsoon and a few post-monsoon months see it in all its cascading beauty. Peak summer from March onwards sees the water-level reduce gradually.

(Q) Am I allowed to bring my pet to Honey Valley?

(A) No.

(Q) How far are the nearest cities from Honey Valley?

(A) Mysore (134kms), Bangalore (272kms), Mangalore (170kms), Tellicherry (105kms), Kannur (105kms), Wyanad (116kms).

Nearest ATM

Napoklu (12kms)

Nearest Hospital

Napoklu (12kms)

Nearest Pharmacy:

Napoklu (12kms)

Nearest Gas Station

Napoklu (12kms)

Nearest State Bus Station

Virajpet (23kms)

Nearest Railway Station:

Mysore (134kms)

Nearest Airport

Kannur (79kms)

(Distances mentioned are from Kabbinakad)