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The Pleasure of Doing Nothing At All

Mostly people visit Honey Valley to do just that – nothing at all. When you have left behind the enforced pressures of modern-day life thousands of feet below, and all around you is nothing but lush green mountain tops, refreshingly clean air, the occasional sight of a bird diving for prey, and the majestic calm of Mother Nature, doing nothing at all doesn’t seem difficult or discomfiting. In fact, it would almost seem the most natural thing to do. So take a break. Have a cup of coffee. Take your time. Have a conversation. Breathe easy.

Or Going Where The Path Leads

Honey Valley is surrounded by the three things Coorg abounds in – mountains, rainforest, and water bodies that come in different forms, shapes and sizes. It is a world out there that holds compelling secrets for the explorer – whether it is a rare bird, a water-brushed stone, or a trail yet undiscovered. As adventurers – trekking-enthusiasts, wild-life photographers, artists, thinkers, writers, geologists, anthropologists, archaeologists – the soul of the seeker has coveted Coorg mountain tops and valleys with equal fervor and faith. From a rejuvenating visit to our private waterfall to scaling the peaks of Mt.Tadiandamol adventures of the magical kind await you around Honey Valley. Starting with 18 trails from the estate itself.

Or Books and Little Road Trips

Apart from the opportunity for birdwatching, stargazing (you will have to bring your own binoculars or telescope), photographing some of most scenic mountains and valleys, and trekking, we also offer you the joy of a library if you feel inclined in doing some reading. On the other hand, if you wish to visit the nearby tourist attractions such as Naland Palace, Igguthappa Temple, the Sunset Point, Madikeri or the Golden Temple at Kushal Nagar, etc., upon request, we will be happy to arrange for hired transportation. In the night you may request for a bonfire (payable) to gather around under the star-lit sky and enjoy some quality bonding time amidst the natural backdrop.Whatever you do remember the idea is to relax and soak-in the natural environment. After all a holiday shouldn’t turn out or feel like a regular work day – stressful and tiresome.

Speak Your Mind