[Pics] Top row, left to right: Tranquil, Perch, East-side; Bottom row: Tranquil Room, Perch Room, Underside

Honey Valley offers six different types of no-frills accommodation that are further categorized in two as ‘Family Rooms,’ and ‘Backpacker Lodgings.’ The ‘family rooms’ come with attached bath and toilet while the backpacker lodgings have shared baths. Below is a brief description of the five accommodation types:

Family Rooms

Tranquil: Located approximately 100 ft away from the dining hall and reception area, Tranquil provides you with the most private and peaceful holiday experience in Honey Valley. It faces east into a sloping coffee plantation, has a large play area in front, and each room except one comes with private sit out. The excluded room, instead of a sit out, comes with a balcony. Perch: Right on top of the dining hall and reception area is the four rooms which comprise the Perch. A large shared sit out provides for a common area for you to relax and enjoy the marvellous view of a mountain and the coffee estate. East side: Constructed in the traditional South-Indian style, with clay tile roofing and small glass-panels on it for natural lighting, the East-side rooms face a meandering stream roughly 50 ft away and the coffee estate. Old House: A large house that originally was the Chengappa family’s home, and recently refurbished for added comfort to the guest it comes with two large separate rooms. One has 5 beds and the other has 6. As one of the old-styled buildings in the property the Old House retains its quaint charm among the other buildings.

Description No. of Rooms Tariff/Room/Night
Tranquil 3 beds and a large private sit out 1 Rs.2490.00 plus Tax.

Tranquil 3 beds with a private balcony 1 Rs.2400.00 plus Tax.

Tranquil 2 beds with private sit out 3 Rs.1900.00 plus Tax.

Perch 4 beds with a large shared sit out 1 Rs.2850.00 plus Tax.

Perch 2 beds with a large shared sit out 3 Rs.1550.00 plus Tax.

East Side 2 beds each with a shared sit out 3 Rs.1400.00 plus Tax.


Old House 6 Bed Room 6 beds with a private sit out 1 Rs.3950.00 plus Tax

Old House 5 Bed Room 5 beds with a common play area in front 1 Rs.3300.00 plus Tax.

Backpacker Lodgings

Underside: Basic 2-bed rooms that are close to a running stream, and face the coffee estate. Simple Rooms: Basic 2-bed rooms with a private sit out and close to the Old-house. Tribal Huts: Built by the tribals, these 2-bed huts are the farthest you can stay from the hustle and bustle surrounding the main buildings. East side Single: Perfect for people who wish to stay on a budget yet have their privacy. Comes with attached toilet and bath.

Description No. of Rooms Tariff/Room/Night
Underside 2 beds with a shared verandah 4 Rs.650.00 (no tax)

Simple Rooms 2 beds with a private sit out 2 Rs.650.00 (no tax)

Tribal Hut (New) 2 beds with a private sit out 1 Not Available

Tribal Hut (Old) 2 beds with a private sit out 1 Not Available

Eastside Single 1 bed with attached bath & toilet and shared sit out 2 Rs.600.00 (no tax)

*Disclaimer: Since all prices are subject to change without prior notice, we request you to reconfirm them at the time of booking.