About us

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Perched 4,250 ft atop a mountain, Honey Valley is a homestay and a base camp for the tallest mountain, Mt.Tadianadamol (5,730 ft), in Coorg. We are surrounded by the magnificent rainforests and a lush green coffee estate where black pepper and cardamom are also grown. From being a single house facility in 1994, the last two decades have seen our accommodation capacity evolve to five guest facilities, two tribal huts, and an Estate Guest House called Chingaara near to our private waterfall, all of which are within the estate itself. Honey Valley home stay accommodates 53 people and Chingaara 30 a night. However, in spite of our size, we are neither a hotel nor a resort. Honey Valley maintains its humble home stay pedigree. When you visit us you would be walking into a place with a personal touch to everything and unassuming hospitality. You will enjoy its liberties as a homestay and, as one, will be bound by its limitations too. Things will not be entertained at any home are strictly discouraged for the greater good and peace of mind of all visiting guests. People usually visit us to hike – enjoy nature up, close and personal, or to get away from the city life with its constant bombardment of sensory stimuli. Honey Valley provides a natural environment that is both soothing and sublime and is emphasized by the silence of the rainforests. When you step into Honey Valley, you step into the larger living space that we share with over 50 different types of birds, butterflies, varied and wonderful flora and fauna of the region, and not to forget, our dogs, cows and other pet animals. So in essence, you’d experience the valley just the way a local will – in all it’s natural splendor and superlative simplicity.  And if you don’t find anyone to pick-up your luggage after you, or food delivered to your room, don’t be surprised or disappointed. Honey Valley does not offer room service.


For guests who prefer a little more comfort than Honey Valley is equipped to provide, such as King size beds, thick fiber-foam mattresses, large airy rooms, with contemporary but minimalist architecture, room-service, and such, we offer Chingaara, our Estate Guest House. To know more about Chingaara, click here